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Change of address on your driving licence
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We are a third-party check and send service that offers a very simple, easy-to-use, online application process to help you change the address on your driving licence. Some of our value-added benefits are not available when submitting an application directly via the DVLA website. We submit and manage change of address applications for new-build addresses and identify any common spelling mistakes or other errors on your application which could otherwise render your licence invalid. We also offer a free D1 assistance service which will help you submit your licence if you receive a 'not eligible' result from the DVLA, which you can get by clicking here.

Please note: we do charge an additional service fee to change the address on your driving licence whereas this fee does not apply if you submit your change of address application directly with the DVLA. We are continuing to evolve and develop our services to improve our additional benefits that we offer. Our full comprehensive price list can be found below.

Additional Information
  • When filling out your change of address application please make sure you input your details exactly as it is displayed on your current driving licence card, where applicable.
  • If you also need to change your name (for example: recently married), then please apply for a D1 form as this service cannot be carried out online.
  • If your driving licence has been lost or stolen, then please use the official DVLA service to order a new replacement licence.
  • If any errors are found on your driving licence, please contact us and we will resubmit your application completely free of charge or offer a full refund.
  • Some new-build addresses are not available on the DVLA website. If you have moved into a new-build home, we are able to successfully update your address so please make sure the address is 100% correct on your application.
  • If you lose your licence, we will resubmit your application free of charge. This is applicable to all existing customers who have placed an order within the last 12 months.
  • If your licence is due for renewal within the next 12 months then please use the official DVLA online service to order a renewal, as well as changing your address at the same time.
  • If you have any questions about changing your address on your driving licence, then please contact us before using our service.
  • If you would like to use the free DVLA service and not take advantage of our additional benefits and checking service, please visit the official DVLA website by clicking here
Price List
Service Gorilla Help DVLA
Change of Address £39.95 Free